Actor Ayushmann Khuranna’s Interior


The 3BHK abode in Goregaon is a junction, for the acclaimed actor Ayushmann Khuranna and his wife Tahira Kashyap, the writer, to carry out professional affairs with ease. The terrace flat of 1200sqft is a place where the actor and his family are able to reflect upon and process the sensory overload of the city. In terms of design I have curated a space that is reflective of his life.

An insight to how I made acquaintance with the esteemed writer and play director Tahira Kashyap, was through a common friend. She was in search for someone with simplicity, amicable to convey her way of life and who would orientate, without hindrance, around the always met with agape, Aayushmann Khuranna. They were keen on creating a simple and sober home, causing no intrusion to their privacy. A transit home to serve the purpose of relaxing in between shoots, were the predominant grounds, considering their elaborate vila in Chandigarh. A few highlights were their love for music imbibed in glimpses. They placed their confidence in me during the execution of the entire project and flew back to Chandigarh, to see their home only on its completion. They were informal in their approach and gratified us by posing for our photography.

Located in Mumbai in the heart of the city, this home was given an urbane makeover by interior designer Ravnit Kaur. Set in an upbeat backdrop the brief was to simplify its original characteristics keeping its spirits intact. The noteworthy actor Ayushmann Khurrana and his wife Tahira, residing in Chandigarh, desired a quick setting environment attuned to their lifestyle.



A brick wall of awards memorabilia, along pyramid mahogany rare species of wood dining table, placed upon logs, including his guitar, provides insight into

the well-known side of the actor1s journey. By the backlit millet stalks pressed on by acrylic in the living room sits a French country style seating. The furniture, like the chaise lounge chair with the ochre upholstery, also provides a clear narrative of the creative1s background in design.





In the master bedroom, the dresser, which runs on wheels, were designed to match the side tables. The German concept is run throughout the furniture bedroom maintaining function and style. The big window overlooks the terrace. The designer wanted the lines of the window to be clean and unimpaired, so instead of a cluttering rail there are sliding curtains. The bedroom drips of beige monochromatic colour combinations. The central focal point of attraction, the serration wood partition of the wardrobe is multi functional, as behind it lies the media unit with all its accessories. The partition slides to and fro toward the rigid extremes of the wardrobe.





Everything in the cook-room is well-thought-out, whether it’s the asymmetric cabinets, the lighting beneath the counters or the enclosed dry area to incorporate the washing machine and dryer that doubles as a giallo veneziano fiorito granite platform. The kitchen is designed in a fashion suitable to the client1s utility. The requirement of having asymmetrical cabinets was fulfilled without it seeming as a clutter. The dry balcony was pulled in, to use it as storage purposes as well as a board to iron kitchen laundry.



The guest bedroom is designed as per the clientele requirement with well sought out rustic furniture. The bed is acustomized foldable to execute the actor1s dress rehearsals, fervent passion for music and also his fathers’ astronomical admiration. On the whole, the home reflects a fusion of formative ideas in the coupıe1s backgrounds, though it is perhaps not surprising that Ayushmann’s influences are more indelibly stamped on the house’sidentity.